Full Version: Membership Info / Application Process
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Thank you for your interest in White River Christian Homeschool Group. WRC is a wonderful group that is very committed to one another and to the pursuit of providing a godly learning environment for our children. WRC has been very blessed with several talented homeschooling families that value the freedom to homeschool their children in a Christian environment.

We encourage you to read About Us, our By-laws, Building Rules, and Guidelines and Policies on our General Information site to determine whether WRC would be a good fit for your family. We would like to point out that WRC relies heavily on parental involvement and that WRC is not a drop off organization. The parents are the teachers and the leadership, and must perform jobs to help maintain the building and other administrative activities. According to WRC's Guidelines, a parent must perform a total of two jobs as mentioned previously to fulfill their membership responsibilities for WRC.

If you are interested in being placed on WRC's waiting list, please fill out the application form. Families will be placed on the waiting list in the order that applications are received. The purpose of the application is to make sure that we have the correct contact information and to help you decide if WRC is a good fit for your family. WRC is a private organization and withholds the right to decline offering a membership to a family for any reason.

WRC will be contacting families off of the waiting list for membership in August and not before.


WRC's Board of Directors